30 Interesting Statistics About Chinese Web Traffic and E-Commerce

0 Interesting Statistics About Chinese Web Traffic and E-Commerce

“The article below seeks to highlight the internet statistics about the Chinese Web Traffic as of December 2021.”


  • It is estimated that as at December 31 2017, the total number of internet users in China stood at 772 million people. This is based on CNNIC database with the figure representing a 55.8 percent internet penetration.
  • A majority of the internet users in China are urban dwellers. A review of the data on internet users in China reveals that of the 772 million people who use the internet, 73 percent of them live in urban centers.
  • Regarding the literacy of internet users in China, data from CNNIC shows that about 11.5 percent of Chinese internet users have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.
  • By December 2017, the number of Chinese people that used search engines such as Google stood at 624 million. Those who used instant messaging applications stood at 694 million while those using online news platforms stood at 620 million people.
  • Mobile internet among the Chinese people is driven majorly by the youthful population born in the 1980s (46 percent) and in the 1990s (28.7 percent).
  • Statistics on devices used to access the internet indicates that although many Chinese people access the internet through new technologies like smartphones and tablets, a significant number (about 36 percent) still access the internet through the desktop.
  • Mobile internet users in China account for about 95 percent of all the internet usage in the country.
  • There is a small gender gap between internet users in China. According to the statistics by CNNIC, about 52 percent of internet users in China are male while 48 percent are female.


  • Registration of internet domain names in China increase by around 10 percent yearly.
  • There are more than 15 million domain names registered in China alone, which represents the highest number for a country globally.
  • The region of the Heilongjiang province, found in the northeast part of China, had over 201,075 domain names.
  • The leading domain name in China is the ‘.com’ domain. It represents about 40 percent of the total domain names across the country.
  • The leading domain registration globally and across China is Godaddy. The registrar has registered about half of all the domain registrations done globally as at June 2021.


  • Data available on the number of websites estimates that there are about 1.89 billion websites globally.
  • A big proportion of the internet traffic in China originates from robots although human users are still responsible for a significant proportion of the traffic. It is estimated that about 55.8 percent of internet traffic in China originates from bots while about 44 percent originates from human users.
  • The most visited website in China is the country’s search engine that rivals Google, Baidu. Baidu is the fourth most visited website globally behind the American websites such as Google and Facebook.


  • It is estimated that by the end of 2018, over 1 trillion dollars of online sales in China will be done through smartphones and other mobile devices. This will represent about 75 percent of all the online sales that will be made in China.
  • Alibaba Group Holding Limited is the major and leading online retailer in China. The firm provides the Chinese people with B2B, B2C, and C2C online-retailing services.
  • In China, many online shoppers prefer online wallets as the favorite mode of payment accounting for about 35 percent of all complete online commerce.
  • According to the statistics released by the Chinese National Bureau of Statistics, China’s e-commerce is the largest across the world and is projected to continue growing in the coming years.
  • E-commerce in China as at December 2017 represented about 25 percent of the total sales in retail commerce.
  • In China, 45 percent of the youth (individuals below 35 years) are likely to make a successful purchase after clicking on a product online compared to only 12 percent of those above 35 years.
  • About 85 percent of desktop shoppers abandon their items on the shopping cart compared to about 60 percent of those on mobile devices.